Sunday, July 15, 2007

Management Journal Impact Factors 2006

The new journal impact factors for 2006 are now available from the ISI Web of Knowledge. Consider the journal list within "management" or "business". Here are some quick observations (excluding marketing and information systems):
  • AMR and AMJ are still top 1 and 2. The difference between their respective impact factors is, at 4.515 and 3.353, is pronounced.
  • Organization Science has made it to No. 3! It is fair to say that Organization Science is one of the true success stories among management journals!
  • Strategic Management Journal is No. 4. A lot of people whine about SMJ, particularly its allegedly very lengthy review processes and random decisions.
  • Administrative Science Quarterly, once generally regarded as the top management journal, is now down to No. 5. A consequence of focusing too much on sectarian sociology and behavioralist stuff?
  • Journal of International Business Studies is now up at No. 6. This is JIBS's highest ranking ever. It's clearly extremely good news for the international business (IB) community which has had to deal with a reputation of doing less than rigorous research.
  • Journal of Management Studies continues to climb the reputational hierarchy and is now No. 8. This corresponds to my personal casual empiricism that the reputation of the JMS among particularly US management academics has been very strongly increasing over the last couple of years.

The impact factors are not objective criteria for evaluating journals in that one particularly popular article may be sufficient to make a journal jump considerably up within the hierarchy. So don't take this ranking too seriously...

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