Monday, May 7, 2007

Gurus of gurus

The Harvard Business Review asked 200 management gurus—the business thinkers most often mentioned in the media and management literature—who their gurus were. Below are their responses.

8 Mentions. Peter Drucker: Management theory;

7 Mentions. James G. March: Social scientist at Stanford;

6 Mentions. Herbert Simon: Nobel laureate economist and organizational theorist;

5 Mentions. Paul Lawrence: Organizational researcher at Harvard Business School;

4 Mentions. Richard Beckhard: Management theorist at MIT; Fernand Braudel: French historian; Ian Koshnick: Attorney organizational designer at the Univ. of Maryland; Henry Mintzberg: Management writer and critic at McGill; Joseph Schumpeter: Economist at Harvard; Karl Weick: Social psychologist at the University of Michigan;

3 Mentions. Russell Ackoff: Operations and systems theorist at Wharton; Warren Bennis: Leadership theorist at the Univ. of Southern California; Ronald Coase: Nobel laureate economist at the University of Chicago; W. Edwards Deming: Statistician and quality consultant; Erving Goffman: Sociologist; Gary Hamel: Consultant and management writer; Jay Lorsch: Organizational researcher at HBS; Michael Porter: Professor of strategy and competitiveness at HBS; C.K. Prahalad: Management theorist at the University of Michigan; Jack Welch: Former CEO, General Electric; Oliver Williamson: Organizational economist at UC, Berkeley.

Two Mentions and below are omitted here.

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