Friday, March 6, 2009

Some Facts about Kevin M. Murphy

Steven Levitt once told a story about how intellectually smart Kevin Murphy is. Now there is more evidence:

If you are playing a game against Kevin Murphy, there is no Nash equilibrium.
Paul Erdös brags about his Murphy number.
Other economists fit their theories to the world. The world fits itself to Kevin Murphy's theories.
In the long run, we are all dead. In the short run, we are all pitied by Kevin Murphy.
Kevin Murphy's shadow can be used to predict the length of recessions.
Kevin Murphy's constraints are never truly binding.

Kevin Murphy does not need compensated demand. He just demands that you compensate him.
Kevin Murphy once found a Giffen good in his refrigerator.
Kevin Murphy just ate the stimulus package for breakfast.

The John Bates Clark medal is given every two years to the best economist under forty. Kevin Murphy has won it 20 times.

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This is a good one.