Thursday, November 19, 2009

A survey of behavioral finance

By Barberis and Thaler.

H/T to Simoleon Sense.


miguel barbosa said...

Dear Mr. Huang,

I appreciate your link to SimoleonSense. I enjoy your blog keep up the great work.

Feel free to email me if you ever wish to talk about behavioral economics etc. I'm sure I have much to learn from you.

Miguel Barbosa
Founder of

Jeffrey Xiaofei Huang said...

Dear Miguel,

It is my great pleasure to hear from you! I enjoy your blog very much and I really appreciate your fantastic work!

I am so exited about the advancement of behavioral economics these years. And I am also thinking about how to reconcile the gap between standard economics and its behavioral counterpart -- as a first step, I wanna do some work where I can at least incorporate behaviroal foundations into the standard economic models, particularly in some organizational settings.

Please feel free to drop by my blog and share with me more great comments and insights. I believe I have a lot to learn from you!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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