Friday, December 9, 2011

Papers to watch

2012 AEA Annual meeting is less than a month away. For organizational economists and strategy researchers, these following papers may merit your attention:

New Developments in the Organization of Firms
Scale, Scope, and Performance
RENATA KOSOVA (Cornell University)
FRANCINE LAFONTAINE (University of Michigan)
BO ZHAO (University of Michigan)
Organization and Information: Firms' Governance Choices in Rational-Expectations Equilibrium
ROBERT GIBBONS (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
RICHARD HOLDEN (University of Chicago)
MICHAEL POWELL (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Organize to Compete
RICARDO ALONSO (University of Southern California)
WOUTER DESSEIN (Columbia University)
NIKO MATOUSCHEK (Northwestern University)
A Dynamic Approach to Span of Control: Theory and Evidence
VALERIE SMEETS (Aarhus University)
FREDERIC WARZYNSKI (Aarhus University)
MICHAEL WALDMAN (Cornell University)

Experiments in Firms
Once and Done: Leveraging Behavioral Economics to Increase the Bottom Line of Non-Profits
AMEE KAMDAR (University of Chicago)
STEVEN LEVITT (University of Chicago)
JOHN LIST (University of Chicago)
CHAD SYVERSON (University of Chicago)
Working from Home or Shirking from Home? Evidence from a Chinese Field Experiment
NICK BLOOM (Stanford University)
JOHN ROBERTS (Stanford University)
JENNY YING (Stanford University)
Management, Capital and Firm Organization among Small-Scale Enterprises in Ghana
DEAN KARLAN (Yale University)
CHRIS UDRY (Yale University)
Ex Post (in)efficient Negotiation and Breakdown of Trade
ANTOINETTE SCHOAR (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
RAJKAMAL IYER (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Contracts and Institutions
The Role of Contractual Publicity in Impersonal Trade
BENITO ARRUÑADA (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)
Relational Renegotiation: Theory and Evidence from the Movie Industry
ROBERT GIBBONS (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
DANIEL BARRON (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
RICARD GIL (Johns Hopkins University)
KEVIN J. MURPHY (University of Southern California)
Fixed versus Open Prices: A Choice between Countering Opportunism and Creating Value
DESMOND LO (Santa Clara University)
Business Associations and Private Ordering
JENS PRÜFER (Tilburg University)

Legal and Economic Foundations of Organization
What is Law? A Coordination Model of the Characteristics of Legal Order
GILLIAN K. HADFIELD (University of Southern California)
BARRY R. WEINGAST (Stanford University)
On the Evolution of Collective Enforcement Institutions: Communities and Courts
SCOTT E. MASTEN (University of Michigan)
JENS PRUFER (Tilburg University)
Focal Transactions and Theories of Firm and Market Organization
STEVEN TADELIS (University of California-Berkeley)
OLIVER E. WILLIAMSON (University of California-Berkeley)

Capital Structure and Firm Organization
Innovation, Capital Structure, and the Boundaries of the Firm
DIRK HACKBARTH (University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign)
RICHMOND D. MATHEWS (Duke University)
   DAVID T. ROBINSON (Duke University)

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