Saturday, November 3, 2007

Access to Lectures on Contracts, Organizational Economics and Strategy

If you've heard of, or even familiar with, TCE, Coase theorem, TIOLI, fundamental transformation, hold-up, V.I., GHM, PRT, residual control rights, Self-serving bias, repeated game, S-C-P, Porter, five forces and core competence, I think the following lectures might be worth a lot to you.

Contract Theory
Oliver Hart, Firms versus Markets;
Oliver Hart, Partial Contracts (former version of Contract as Reference Point);
Oliver Hart, Contracts, Reference Points, and the Theory of the Firm (mp3);
Hideshi Itoh, Relational Contracts and their Interactions with Formal Institutions;

Organizational Economics, Management and Strategy
Robert Gibbons, Organizational Economics and Management Education;
Luis Garicano, Positions, Activities and Organisations: strategy, from conception to implementation (mp3).

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