Sunday, July 10, 2011

Selective blog entries...and short comments

1. The educational value of creative disobedience ( ..which may turn into a spiral of creative destruction);
2. Immigrant moms typically have lower infant mortality rates than U.S.-born mothers, and the single biggest factor, by far, to reduce infant deaths is the mom's years of education (alright then, it seems we need a universal coverage of college education for women);
3. 18 attributes of highly effective liars (oops, I might only have 12, six to go!!)
4. Does debt boost young people's morale? (c'mon, only young people? Give us an inverted-U for everyone pls...)
5. Nudged and stuck: a response to Thaler (who said nudge one time would be enough?)
6. The bribery of Chinese characteristics (when there is a will, there is a better way...)

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