Monday, October 13, 2008

2009 ASSA Preliminary Program

See here. The following sessions sound attractive to me:

Beliefs and Disagreement in Organizations
Presiding: ROLAND BENABOU, Princeton University

ERIC VAN DEN STEEN, Massachusetts Institute of Technology--"Authority versus Persuasion",

AUGUSTIN LANDIER, New York University, DAVID THESMAR, HEC, Paris, and DAVID SRAER, University of California--Berkeley, "Optimal Dissent and Risk Management within Organizations"

ROLAND BENABOU, Princeton University, and JEAN TIROLE, Université de Toulouse--"Over My Dead Body: Bargaining and the Price of Dignity”

The Dynamics of Economic Institutions
Presiding: AVNER GREIF, Stanford University

MASAHIKO AOKI, Stanford University—"On the Mechanism of Institution-Belief Co-evolution"
SAMUEL BOWLES, Santa Fe Institute and University of Siena—"Institutional Dynamics: Persistence and Innovation"

GÉRARD ROLAND, University of California-Berkeley—"Institutions and Growth: The Chinese Puzzle"

ERIC BROUSSEAU, EconomiX, University of Paris X, and EMMANUEL RAYNAUD, INRA, SADAPT, University of Paris & Centre ATOM at University of Paris I —"Climbing the Hierarchical Ladders of Rules: The Dynamics of Institutional Framework"

Exploring the Sources of Innovation: Recent Developments
Presiding: TIMOTHY BRESNAHAN, Stanford University

PHILIPPE AGHION, Harvard University, MATHIAS DEWATRIPONT, Université libre de Bruxelles, JULIAN KOLEV, Harvard University, FIONA MURRAY, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and SCOTT STERN, Northwestern University--"On Mice and Growth: The Effect of Openness on Follow-On Research"

NICHOLAS BLOOM, Stanford University, MARK SCHANKERMAN, University of Arizona and London School of Economics, and JOHN VAN REENEN, London School of Economics--"Identifying Technology Spillovers and Product Market Rivalry"

KEVIN BOUDREAU, HEC-Paris, NICOLA LACETERA, Case Western Reserve University, and KARIM LAKHANI, Harvard Business School--"Incentives versus Diversity: Re-Examining the Competition-Innovation Link"

TIMOTHY BRESNAHAN, Stanford University, SHANE GREENSTEIN, Northwestern University, and REBECCA HENDERSON, Massachusetts Institute of Technology--"Diseconomies of Scope between Existing Businesses and Growth Opportunities: Evidence from the History of Computing"

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