Sunday, October 5, 2008

Please...Nobel for organizational economics!

...claimed by Peter Klein, co-blogger of Organizations and Markets.

"Coase, of course, whose 1937 paper is foundational to the field, has already won, as have Akerlof, Spence, Stiglitz, Mirrlees, Vickrey, Hayek, and others whose work has greatly informed the study of organizations. But, for a prize recognizing organizational economics per se, whom would you pick? Williamson, Holmström, Milgrom, Roberts, Hart, Tirole, Aghion? Perhaps Alchian, Demsetz, or Jensen. Maybe a personnel economist (Lazear) or someone in corporate finance or accounting (Bill Schwert, Stewart Myers, René Stulz, Raghuram Rajan, Cliff Smith, Milton Harris, Artur Raviv)? Or an entrepreneurship Nobel for, say, Baumol and Kirzner isn’t out of the question, but seems unlikely. "

Here is my view last year. What do you think?

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